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Do I charge a flat fee or by the hour?

My fees can vary depending on factors such as expertise, demand, and event specifics.

While I may charge a flat fee for my services, there are times when I may have hourly rate. It’s best to discuss fee structures directly with me to understand the pricing model.

Virtual speaking appearances can indeed offer cost savings compared to in-person events.

Virtual speaking rates are often 10-30% cheaper than in-person rates due to factors such as reduced travel expenses and logistics.

This makes virtual events a cost-effective alternative for organizations looking to book within a budget.

My typically Emcee ranges from 2 to 4 hours, with the duration determined by the event’s agenda, and audience preferences.

I offer entertainment such as Mobile DJ, Live Singing, Game Show Host.

The cost for these additional activities can vary depending on what you require.

It’s advisable to discuss specific requirements and pricing with the me as I am open to provide what you require.

Yes, I may offer discounts or special rates for non-profit organizations or educational institutions as part of my commitment to supporting charitable causes or educational initiatives. It’s worth inquiring about discount options when sending me your enquiry.

In many instances I just ask for a nominal offer and for travel to be covered.

The scale of the event and audience size can indeed impact a my fee. Larger events with a broader reach or higher attendance may command higher fees due to increased extra work required to host such events. Conversely, smaller events or niche audiences may offer opportunities for more flexible pricing arrangements.

Travel expenses such as transportation, accommodation, and meals are typically negotiated separately from my fee. 

I typically request a flat travel rate of $1,500 on my fee.

I do require a deposit to secure a booking, with the remaining balance due closer to the event date.

Deposits are often non-refundable and serve as a commitment from both parties.

It’s advisable to discuss deposit requirements and payment terms with me when finalizing the booking.

  • Virtual speaking appearances are a cost-effective alternative to in-person rates, often 10-30% cheaper than in-person rates.
  • There is typically no difference in fee 2 or 4 hour event.
  • I am open to discounting my fee if hired for more than one event by the same organization.
  • Be upfront about your needs and expectations to ensure a successful partnership.

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